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Frequently Asked Questions

Some very common questions are often asked when our customers are deciding on dent removal. Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here, please visit our contact us page for additional information.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent removal, or PDR, is a method of removing dents, dings, creases, and hail damage from your car without grinding, painting, or putty.

How do you remove the dents?

We first gain access to the back side of the car’s exterior sheet metal panel. We then use specialized tools and lighting to slowly “massage” the metal back to its original shape.

Won’t your method ruin the paint?

No, the paint used on cars since the 1980s is very flexible. Most automobile paints are urethane based (similar to plastic). However, an unskilled individual can easily crack the paint. Please don’t try this at home.

What size dents can you remove?

We can remove dents as large as a basketball or as small as the head of a pin. Location and depth of the dent is more important than the diameter of the dent.

Can you fix any dent?

No. We specialize in minor cosmetic dings and dents. If the metal is buckled, pinched, stretched, or rusted, we probably cannot fix it. If we cannot access the back side of the metal where the dent is, we may not be able to fix it. We can recommend a qualified body shop for larger, more severe damage.

My dent is on a body line. Can you fix it?

Yes. Body line dents are no problem.

How long does it take to fix a dent?

Most door dings take about 45 minutes. Larger and more complex dents can take 2-4 hours. Hail damage repairs usually take 1-3 days.

What type of vehicles do you repair?

All Makes and Models of Cars and Trucks.

Can I watch the repair?

Usually, no. Our insurance policy prohibits customers from being in the shop during repairs.

Can I fix dents?

We don’t recommend it. We have the proper tools and skills to perfect the “art” of dent repair. If you try to fix the dent, you may damage the panel beyond the point of repair.

Will the dent ever come back, after you fix it?

No. Once we sculpt the metal back to its original shape, the dent is gone for good. (Unless your neighbor dings you again, of course.)

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

No. We prefer to see the damage to give an accurate estimate.

Do you accept insurance claims?

Yes, we will work with any insurance company.

Do you give free estimates?


Can you PDR aluminum panels?

Yes. Aluminum is a little more difficult to work with than steel panels because of it's rigid nature, but can be repaired.